Wednesday, 3 August 2011

OPEN: Podcast Transcription Service for Bloggers

With million of podcast bloggers it's difficult to differentiate one from the other. But one thing you can surely do to attract more listeners and readers is to get your podcasts transcribed.

When a podcast is converted to text by transcriptionist it's just so convenient for those not having the time to listen to a podcast or time to download.

It's also convenient for referencing and linking from and to the podcast.

That's why podcast transcription has become the secret ingredient for successful podcast bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs even converted their podcasts into books!

Podcast transcription service is not a simple transcription service. It includes transcribing, editing, researching, proofing, formatting, Grammar, context, spelling. It's a full-blown service of itself.

My podcast transcription service, is open and active.

Please check out the website for rates and if you have any question do not hesitate to shoot me a mail.